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Strippable Coating


Description :
Strippable coating is an air drying, transparent, low viscosity type organosol for spray applications.  It can be used as a quick drying, protective coating and anticorrosive finish for metal components.  Strippable Coating forms a tough, cohesive, elastic film which dries relatively quickly and can stand unbelievable punishment without rupturing.  The coating can be stripped off cleanly by hand.
Technical Specifications :
Transparent Green / Clear / Blue
22 to 28 second in ford cup No. 4
Film thickness
20-30 microns
Drying Time
20-25 minutes surface dry or touch dry; can be also force dried.
Chemical resistance
Resistant to acids, alkalies, fats grease, oil etc.

Uses :  Strippable coating is used :

1.  For protection of sheet metal and anodized metal from scratch and die marks during fabrication, punching, bending, stamping, deep drawing and screw fastening.

2.  In automobile manufacture, air craft industry and electrical industries for protection of as and other metal surfaces against scratches and damage during assembly operation.

3.  To protect finished metal surfaces during shipments and transit from one place to the other.

4.  For protection to decorative and electroplated, anodized metal surface such as handles, locks, name plates, labels, cabinet fronts and tops.

5.  For protection of consumer products which need protection against rust and scratches.

Packing : It is supplied in 20 litres carboys and 200 litres drums ready for use.

Storage and Shelf Line : Organosols have tendency to thicken ( increase in viscosity ) on standing and therefore should be stored in a cool and dry place.  The viscosity increases due to storage.  Can however be reduced to a certain extent by adding reducer.  Shelf life is at least six months under normal temperature conditions.

Special Instruction : Not to be used near flame or heat, contains volatile ingredients.  Keep containers closed when not in use.

Note : It should be appreciated that the information given here is to the best of our knowledge, true and accurate.  However, since conditions under which our products are used are beyond our control, recommendations are made without warranty or guarantee

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